About Us

Bringing nearly a century of Baycrest experience to the world


About Us

Through its strategic relationship with Baycrest Health Sciences — one of the world’s top academic health sciences centres in aging and brain health — Baycrest Global Solutions Inc. helps healthcare providers provide the best in geriatrics programming, therapies, education and technologies.


Baycrest Global Solutions is helping healthcare providers improve the quality of geriatrics care by providing innovative technologies and services that:

  • Improve the delivery of senior healthcare and senior residential care
  • Improve and manage age-related cognitive and physical decline
  • Improve safety and wellness outcomes for clients in late life
  • Enhance quality of life for our senior population
  • Foster greater autonomy for seniors


Our aging population creates new challenges for our families, our communities and our healthcare systems.

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The global population is aging. Within the next 10 years, the number of seniors will outnumber the number of young children for the first time in history.